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Why integrate directly to UTA’s payment gateway?

Our fast and simple integration improves your workflow by seamlessly connecting your existing applications to a single point of access for all of your payment processing needs.

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy by integrating with UTA:

  1. Automate your cash application process
  2. Process all payments from your current ERP, DMS, POS, or WEB application
  3. Highly customizable interface adapts to your business’s needs
  4. Resilient, scalable, and dependable services with expert support
  5. Secure and compliant solution that reduces liability
  6. Cutting edge payment capabilities

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What is Surcharging?

A credit card “surcharge” is an additional fee that a merchant may pass on to a customer when a credit card is used for payment. Previously, the major credit card networks prohibited surcharging, but that’s now in the past.

Allow us to help you navigate through the complex card network rules and state regulations that must be considered when surcharging.

Protect your customers

How does our surcharging solution work?

Our compliant surcharging solution will calculate and apply the fee automatically at the point of entry so that only qualified Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX payments are surcharged. Simply process your payments online through our website or if you’re looking for an integrated solution, access our payment gateway API directly from your internal application or point of sale environment to ensure a seamless processing experience.

Why choose our credit card processing solution?

UTA and WorldPay offers the help, support and expert advice you need to respond quickly to customer preferences, market trends and regulatory changes. We take a holistic approach to reducing your credit card processing fees by employing a least cost routing approach that automatically qualifies your payments for Level 2, Level 3, or Large Ticket discounts.