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Introducing UTA's NEXTGEN payment processing solutions designed to revolutionize your A/R and A/P business operations. Our latest innovative suite of products eliminates outdated processes by bringing forth unmatched efficiency, unwavering security, unrivaled convenience, and lightning-fast speed. Experience the processing of seamless transactions, robust data protection, and streamlined operations, empowering your organization to thrive in today's rapidly evolving financial landscape.


level 4 discount solutions

Save 60% off credit card fees


ACH processing

With Level 4 Discounts

UTA's ACH with Level 4 Discounts utilizes our Proprietary Risk Logic and Filters to eliminate returned payments. Reduce the high costs of Credit Card fees by 60%, and eliminate return fees, banking fees, and chargebacks. Funds available in your account in 24-48 hours. Our web-based application requires no software or hardware to purchase.


online bill pay

With Level 4 Discounts

UTA's Online Bill Pay with Level 4 Discounts allows customers to initiate a payment on your custom-branded Payment Portal or via Payment Request Links. UTA is the only company with Propriety Risk Logic and Filters that eliminate returned or fraudulent online transactions and guarantee funds availability in your account within 24-48 hours.

digital accounts payable

Control your A/P workflow by creating and managing ACH payments from a centralized platform hosted by UTA. Streamline your payables, lower invoice processing costs, and mitigate external/internal risk by creating a clean audit trail. Save up to 86% compared to the cost of writing and mailing paper checks.

electronic invoice presentment & payment - eipp

Reduce your company’s billing and payment processing costs by delivering custom-branded invoices. Use UTA’s secure and user-friendly EIPP portal to eliminate ink, postage, paper, and more. Modernize cash posting through automation. Enjoy the flexibility of text and/or email notifications with multiple payment options

electronic lockbox

UTA's Electronic Lockbox is a secure alternative that will eliminate the inefficient, expensive, and error-prone paper-based traditional Lockbox. Expedite payment acceptance and reconciliation and reduce Lockbox fees while continuing with CTX, BAI, Flat File reporting, and more.

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